Thursday, June 23, 2016

3 Tips On How To Stay Fit Like A Highlander

Photos Courtesy Of Adrian Paul

To some summer means endless days of outdoor activities, to others it means lingering by the pool, or laying on the grass filling out endless to-do lists, where nothing gets ticked off only added, of what you should be doing with your time, like hitting the gym for example. If you belong to this cohort, the latter, like yours truly, “The Sword Experience” may be something for you. It’s a training program conceived by British actor and fitness guru, Adrian Paul, that’ not as rogue as it sounds on sight. And you can carry out the excercises by the comfort of your pond, if you don’t reside in North America or the UK. All you need is a mop if you’re not in possession of shiny metal weaponry, like most of us aren’t. Fortunetly, Paul tells us all about it:

1. Food, Food, Food, You've heard the saying “You are what you eat”, so be aware of what you put in your mouth. The amount of calories you intake needs to be proportionate to the amount of activity that that you execute during the day: It will determine you energy levels, or make you sluggish, which is never good for any activity, especially swinging swords.

2. Repetitive Exercise. To burn off the calories work your upper torso out with repetitive motions of the garde and attack strikes by swinging a wooden sword or long stick.

    A. Balance a wooden sword in you outstretched hands for three to five minutes, in any position, sitting or standing. Make small circles with it with an outstretched hand. This will work shoulders. You’ll bring your heart rate up if you walk in a circle while performing this movement.

    B. Sit in a horse stance, with your pelvis tucked under, this will work your legs. Then place the sword in your outstretched hands in front of you and squat 10-15 times, squeezing your gluteus muscles (your butt). This will tone and give you a sense of balance (make sure your knees don’t go past your toes, if they, do then re-adjust and don’t go too far down).

    C. Stretch your hamstrings and warm up your knees and ankles. This is give you the mobility that you need to move and not pull a muscle when exercising. Repetition with the correct position will firm and strengthen skin and muscles

3. Water, water, water. Water gives your skin the elasticity and the hydration that you need. Cut out sugary sodas and soft drinks, they are neither good for your health nor skin. The head of one of the major skin beauty product lines told me,  and backed up by research they had done, the most effective way to look healthier and keeping our immortality, better than most of the face creams out there, is drinking a lot of water, two liters a day at minimum.

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