Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Of Almonds And Wool

Photographed By: Elvira Gligoric
Make-up: Karin Rydström
Styled By: Ellinor Forje
Clothes Provided By: Ylle o Mandel
Models: Caroline Å and EMF

Ylle & Mandel (Wool & Almond), is one of my favourite boutiques in Lund, Sweden. And believe it or not, the shop actually started out as a grocey/clothing store back in the 1970s. Hence, the food-related name.

Until 1973, Ylle & Mandel was under the ownership of the tea shop, Te Huset Java (The Java Tea House), in Lund. It was later taken over by Eva Åberg, and her then husband.

Åberg, described as visionary by her daughter, has consciously stayed away from all types of 5-minute trends. And thereby, she's created a wonderful store that offers the clientele clothes that stretch passed the 15-minute mark of fame.

In the shop you will find brands like Jus D'Orange, An'ge, Sinéquanone and Des Filles À La Vanille - to mention only a few. The present season is dominated by clothes from France, which happens to be Åberg's preferred shopping destination. Previously, the store also included designs from Marco O'Polo, Ted Baker and Hunkydory.

Apart from the beautiful clothes, Ylle & Mandel has a very friendly staff and warm atmosphere. You want to move in there. And one of these days I'm gonna. That's the vision of shopping being a complete experience, almost like your favourite flavour of tea.


  1. This shop sounds fabulous! If I am ever in Lund I will be sure to stop in!

    Trés Awesome

  2. You're posing very well, great outfits and nice shop!
    Élyse xo

  3. hey
    i really like these photos
    the outfits are so adorable

  4. Thank you for the comment on my blog!
    I love the last photo, those boots are gorgeous!