Monday, October 18, 2010


Photographed By Ellinor Forje

A new pair of boots, perhaps? The boots by Pleasure, worn by the model in the blog entry "Alternative State Of Shock" can be your fair weather friends. You just need to answer a series of questions, and complete a sentence. The boots are the actual boots worn by the model in the fashion shoot, and come in the size:

US 10
UK 7.5
EU 41
CM 26

About The Competition

It's simple. Complete the sentence; "If the boots were mine, this is how I would wear them..."

You are allowed to use any medium, as for example poems, drawings, photographs, vlogs etc, to present your style. As long as it's descriptive, any thing goes.

Your competition entry should be sent to with an address specification as to where you want the boots sent.

The competition is open until Cinderella or Dorothy comes along. The boots will be shipped to where ever you are - free of charge!
Break a leg.


  1. The shoes won't fit me and I am not entering the competition but, I really like your blog and - thanks for your comment.
    I will keep checking you out.

  2. no go for the boots (I'm a size 8) but i will be reading your blog! thanks for visiting mine:

  3. Wrong size for me, but I adore them, them thanks for viewing my blog.

  4. Hello, thanks for commenting on my blog, and inviting me to enter! Unfortunately I doubt my feet will ever be that size, though I have enjoyed reading your blog anyway!

  5. too big for me but I'll still join, "If the boots are mine, this is how I would wear them..." portion :D *lol* another reason to dress up. Excited. I'll send you a link of the photo after my experiment! :D

  6. MY SIZE!!! Okay, let me think. Hope I'm not too late here...
    If the boot were mine, this is how I would wear them: Right up on stage to receive my thanks for another successful costuming year for the Year End Peformance of the dance school here...I can hear the gasps already. They're pretty avant-Nadine.