Monday, February 14, 2011

Some Birds Aren't Meant To Be Caged

Photographed By Ellinor Forje

One of the highlights of my recent trip to Stockholm, was attending a press event hosted by designer and illustrator Lovisa Burfitt, in lieu of her latest collaboration with pottery and ceramics company, Rörstrand.

The bone china tableware set, with fashion illustrations by Burfitt, comes in five parts. And the sketches on the porslin, are based on the eccentric life of the fictional character, Mademoiselle Oiseau (Miss Bird), which is fittingly also the name of the collection.

The pastries you see in the photos, are from the bakery, Petite France. And as the true artist that I am, I pretended to create a culinary moodboard for the perfect photo shoot, when in fact, I was just looking for a way to pile a large quantity of macarons, on my dishware, unnoticed. "I need one of each colour for the perfect colour palette...I'm sure these are two different shades of pink, right?". Okay, let's make-believe that they are, and stop looking at my plate."

Anyway, I love the fact that Burfitt created a stage set for where Mademoiselle Oiseau, to act out her high drama. Although La Miss herself, was nowhere to be found. Believe me, I looked and looked. Then again, why should she be confined to such a small space, when her feathers shine so bright?


  1. Amazing photos, u r a talent!:)

  2. wow really great photos Ellinor! Stasha is right - u really have great talent! Thanks for visiting my blog! I hope you liked it! I hope to see you around soon!

    x G

  3. love it.. "today i am a bird".. so free

  4. Love these photos...they make a great series together :)


  5. happy valentine
    pretty sketch on the cup

    you have some great photos

  6. thank you :)

    these pictures are beautiful!

  7. Ooohhhhh so pretty! I luv the shoes, and, well, all of it! Check out my blog!


  8. Thanks for stopping by, and your sweet comment! Love the black and white photos, you really can't go wrong with the classics! =)

  9. love all the great photos! thanks for stopping by my blog. i love your blog!


  10. Such a nice idea
    Love the photos and the ilustrations
    hope you're having a nice week

    ♥ Marley

  11. Right on! Lovely photos. Ty for the visit. B back soon. xo

  12. I like all these photos! Great colours!))

  13. Wow - you're really a great photografer! Really nice pictures!

    I see you've been to Sweden - I hope you liked it here. :)

  14. The title of this post drew me because I love birds. I love the color/tint of these pics. Very fitting.