Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Sorrows Of Lucifer

Photographed By Ellinor Forje

In England, at the London Zoo, lives a lion with the stud number 666. His name is Lucifer. Befitting a supreme ruler, his mane is dark, and bigger than other Asiatic lions; it stretches all the way down to his stomach. He's magnificent to look at, especially when he stands on his podium. He's usually in a calm mood. But, occasionally he seethes. And at those times you wonder, what is eating the old light bearer?

Perhaps, it's his total exclusion from the fashion industry. Well, not total. Lucifer has through the ages, served as an inspiration for many a collar of a fashion designer's seasonal collection. But how many times has he graced the covers of the glossy fashion magazines, or been invited to, the equally glossy, fashion shows? What was that? Ah, yes, "you don't just stampede the front row".

The same story goes for the giraffe, with its perfect eyes and lashes. In its perfection, I'm positive that this creature has turned many an erect mascara brush, flaccid, with envy. Yet, we are still waiting for the day when we'll see it (not the mascara brush), in a major cosmetic campaign.

And yes, Naomi, I'm speaking directly to you now. That walk - the strut, was not invented by you sweetie. The Serengeti just called to inform us, that they're less than impressed by the swagger jacking.

What is the solution then - how can we stop Lucifer (Naomi, too - while we're at it) from pacing up and down with rage? Maybe it's time he's sent an invitation, I don't know - perhaps to the next Prada show? Then we could all enjoy the parade of zebra- mohawk - inspired shoes, seated at this event: Man and Beast together.


  1. This is such a well-written post. I love it entirely.

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  2. I had too laugh so much! Maybe someday there'll be a fashionshow with giraffes on the catwalk and lions in the front row. Hopefully some designer has this idea and one day does his fashionshow in the middle of nowhere in Africa!
    Thank you for your comment!

  3. Tu es vraiment douée, ton article est super ;)


  4. very nice post!i must admit the fotos are stunning!following*kisses from greece!would be glad to hear from u!

  5. Thanks for the comment on my blog...Great blog you got here the pictures are gorgeous I just love nature phots and animals are truly magnificent


  6. Wow... those are amazing photographs. You should post more!

  7. Fantastic photographs, accompanied by a really thought-provoking piece!

  8. Wow, great writing. I love your post.

    Stacey Kay
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  9. I echo everyone else's opinion -- great post, great writing, great topic.

  10. These photos are really special, they take me on a trip.