Wednesday, January 18, 2012

So Fresh And So Clean

Photographed By Ellinor Forje

Happy New Year! Yes, a bit late, I know...I know. But, I just realized that hadn't shared any well wishes for the forthcoming year.

So what are your resolutions (how many of them have been broken already?)? Mine is basically the same as last year: STOP PROCRASTINATING. It's easier said than done.

With that said, a new dawn, a new day is here, which means only one thing! Time for the traditional January sales (did you hit the shops this weekend?). But, January is cold has hell. And unforgiving. I've never counted it as one of my favourite months of the calendar. Yet, it's the one month that has a certain ambiguity to it. It marks the beginning of something new, and the end of a period that was building up to close a chapter. So January is both redundant and fresh at the same time.

Ah, it's a new year! Finally. I hope it gets filled to your hearts' content. And thank you, you guys for visiting my space.


  1. my resolutions are to keep blogging and eat better :)

  2. I'm with you -- it's time to crack down for sure.
    xo Josie

  3. Wish you a very happy new year too, my resolutions will be more DIYs , i guess :)

  4. oh i love to smell good, i have to check these out sometime

    thanks for visiting my blog, hope you return soon ;-)

  5. good luck with your resolutions darling x thanks for stopping by lunaoffduty!

    new post!

  6. Happy new year to you too. I definitely enjoyed hitting the shops this January. Personally my favourite part of January is watching the Australian Open tennis.

  7. Hi!!!
    Nice color this production!!!!
    Angela Donava

  8. You're right - January is very unforgiving. My New Year's resolutions are drink more water and learn how to do a cartwheel! Also easier said than done :)

  9. Thanks for comment on my blog, hope to see you back soon. I really like your blog.