Sunday, February 19, 2012


Illustration By Fohnjang Ghebdinga

Have you seen it? It's a riot!

However, as much as I found "Bridesmaids" extremly entertaining {and a relief from the harsh realities of other [good] movies I've watched recently such as, "We Need To Talk About Kevin" and "Tyrannosaur"}, it's one of those films, I really hope they don't make a sequal to. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see ⟨sorry for interjecting a seperate text here. I just wanted to try these diamond shape brackets out. Did you notice the squiggly ones up there? I think they're pretty⟩ the whole cast reunited again. But, it should preferably be in a brand new story penned down by Kristen Wiig.

Anyway,I'll stop pretending for a second that I'm a film critic, and let you read my dear sir Jonathan's analysis. I'll talk about the official movie poster instead.

Have you seen it? It's brilliant!

Although, I was a bit disappointed that displayed bridal, and bridemaids gowns, isn't what they end up wearing at the wedding {sorry for not inserting a "spoiler alert"} in the end. I found it cool how the the outfits speaks to their individual personalities. Their poses, too. The attitude! You'll have a laugh - out - loud blast, superimposing your girlfriends' countenances onto the faceless characters of Fohnny Fohn Fohn's illustration 「I promise」.


  1. I rewatched it last night with my best friend and we had a blast! I have to agree with you though, a new movie with some of the same cast members would be far superior to any sort of sequel. Also, the illustration is great!

  2. Hehe I love your use of different brackets.
    Cool illustration!

  3. I never watched the movie before, but maybe I'll give it a try.

  4. I saw that movie! hihi your blog is very nice babe!
    xo kimberley

  5. never seen it but i'll give it a try now! xx