Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Monsoon Wedding

Photographed Ellinor Forje 

Well hi! How's the holiday day season been treated ya? Mine has been...I'm looking for a good word...hmm, interesting. I've literally been stuck where I stand now for a couples of days and had a lot of  free time on my hands. Long story. I'll write about it later. But things are good in the neigbourhood, and after eating my first Hindu Christmas dinner ever (how's that for an oxymoron?), I've decided to watch "Monsoon Wedding".

"Monsoon Wedding" (2001) is written and directed by Sabrina Dhawan and Mira Nair respectively. As in a first time for me, I'm writing this review, and watching the movie at the same time. I got to keep things moving and seize this day. I have a date with a spa in an hour and a half. Wait, what just happened? She wasn't stealing! Oh, there goes the wedding planner eating the flowers again. Beautiful Saree. That's not your fiance! Okay, your uncle is a little creepy... 

Dont' worry, It will all make sense if/when you watch the movie. So far it's been intriguing and a whole bunch of other stuff, too.

And Happy Holidays To Ya'll!


  1. I'm making my prom dress out of a silk sari.

  2. love it!


  3. I'll be sure to check it out!