Sunday, March 31, 2013

Yes Or No?

Photographed By Ellinor Forje

I'm somewhat late in the game for "The Question of Fur" discussion that has been going on between everybody and their stylist (and PETA!) since time immemorial. I'm torn on the subject myself. Therefore, last week I decided to inquire for the topic's general consensus on a fashion forum. And here I present to you some of the forumnista's insightful thoughts: 

Catiebeatty: It’s not really a question for the ages, since people used to have to wear it to survive. I wear vintage fur, but I would never buy new fur. There’s not reason to since there is so much high quality vintage and antique furs out there already. I don’t want to contribute to more animals dying!

Tightsandtea: Nope, thanks to the evolution of faux fur there’s no point. But like Catiebeatty said, I’m not going to impose my first-world expectations on people in the frozen tundras of Siberia.

Me: That’s a good point. People in Siberia wear fur. So do the Eskimos. But that's never brought up in the debates.

Catiebeatty: I stand corrected, some people still do have to wear it to survive!

Priscillaraq: I agree with Catiebeatty, I only do vintage fur.

Sednonsatiata: Nope…Just not my style.

BeagleLover: I love the feeling of fur, but I only wear vintage fur.

The beat goes on...What gives on the matter?


  1. Very good question; for me is a sometimes. I own some fur purses that I got as gifts back when I lived in NYC during the glorious and prosperous 90's.
    I don't buy fur but I do wear my gifted-fur-purses.
    You have fantastic photographic skills!

  2. hi thank you for your comment. you have a beautiful blog. great photos and posts, it's great to meet you. love lucy.

  3. Bonjour!
    Thank you for dropping by and i love your blog, i adore the one pic concept -
    My new blog Montreal street style - will have the same concept but not minimal text -
    About fur, i don't wear it - i prefer faux fur, better for me at my age, looks more playful and plus i'm allergic so here you go!

    I will follow you

    Ariane xxx

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  5. Belated thanks for popping into Grunge Queen - great to meet you!
    The fur thing is such a vexed issue, so political, and so culturally determined. I wear vintage fur but often feel guilty about it. In Canada, where I'm from, it's a no-no on the fashion front ( ironic considering Canada was built on the fur trade). Here in France, where I live now, every one wears it and it's not a problem. It's such a personal choice. Xo

    1. I agree. Live and let live.

  6. To each his own. I think fur is beautiful, vintage or new.

  7. The entire fashion industry is sick including this blog. I've never come across anything more vapid. It gets on my nerves that a few people think that they should dictate what people are supposed to wear or not wear. The senseless and meaningless killing of animals is wrong. If you want to look good, wear something that doesn't have blood stains all over it. If there's been an evolution of quality faux fur then have them shipped to Siberia.

  8. Now that´s a cool shot and a great outfit!