Monday, May 13, 2013

Director's Cut

Photographed By Ellinor Forje 

The Cannes Film Festival starts in two days. And it's momentous (to me at least) in the fact that my friend Jenny Hutton stars ( is the leading lady!) in one of the 10 movies selected to compete in the Semaine de la Critique (Critic's Week) this year.

The short movie, "Pleasure" (2013), written and directed by Ninja Thyberg, is a behind-the-scenes drama staged on an adult-entertainment set depicting the actors while they prepare for a "backdoor" scene (to put it mildly). I haven't seen the film yet, although Jenny offered to screen it to me the other day via FaceTime (she was actually going to point her phone to her computer screen for its duration of 15 minutes - bless her heart!), I'll get to it soon, and a tantalizing review will be forthcoming (Edit: here's the review).

Anyway, to commemorate last year's festival where I ended up having a ton of fun (really, I felt like Dorothy on the yellow brick road running into the Scarecrow &  the Tin Man  & the Cowardly Lion...oh my!), I thought it would be the perfect time for a new giveaway. The prize is a replica poster of the painting by Bernard Charoy you see up there↑.

To enter is simple. Just answer the multiple-choice question you see down thereand send it to before or on May 25.

Who played Carmen in the classic musical "Carmen Jones"?

A. Marilyn Monroe
B. Dorothy Dandridge
C. Audrey Hepburn

Have fun!

P.S Parting is such sweet sorrow, so I'll leave you with a CLUE.


  1. I dare you to call Jackie Chan a coward to his face! Seems like an interesting movie;P

  2. This is such an inspiring blog! Love to see all the cool photos here ;)

  3. Cool painting and the movies sounds interesting.