Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Photographed By Ellinor  Forje

To be honest, I went through a period where I was sooooo over anything themed, military camouflage. Saturated with it. If I hadn't seen another pair of cargo pants in the colour of concilment in a kazillion years, it still would have been to soon. Literally.

But now, I don't know, I'm starting to appreciate "the c'flage" again in a small dose. Just the pulse of an accessory, like how Abi is wearing her scarf in the photo.

Her outfit has also reminded me to go look for my dungarees 'cause I know I own a pair - dunno where they are though. Having said that, is there anything in the clothing department that you've liked later disliked and then re-liked?


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  2. haha 'to be honest' my boyfriend also says that so often :-)

    I think your picture looks great. I also like the way Abi used the scarf

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