Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fix Up Look Sharp?

Photographed By Ellinor Forje 

Rewind four years and that's approximately the time ago when this photo was taken. As much as I would like to give props to the brilliant photographer by letting my ego trip the hell out, this photo stands the test of time because of the object in focus. And mainly, because of the way she's dressed and posed.

This got me wondering what the definition of great style is, what makes outfits classic or even iconic. I think I have the first two down. But the concept of iconfication is more complex.

Complex in the sense that, if I was asked whether I'd copy this outfit today, the answer would be a resounding "yes!". Why? Because I like the combination of the hat (this is the outfit in colour by the way), the coat and the shoes. Equally, I like each piece individually. Three-plus years later, I still like the look. Making it classic by default, to me.

But, is it iconic? Why can't it be considered iconic? How do clothes become attached to one person so that by the sole mention of a garment our ensemble we affiliate it with a specific person, as to say, they own the trend? Is by notoriety, fame or fortune?

I've decided to further explore this subject by spinning the wheel. I'll go as far back as biblical times, 'cause the only point of reference I have prior to that era, are "The Flintstones".

Also, given the attention the girls receive on this space, the guys should stand on the soapbox for a minute. Let's roll the dice:

1.Top Hats - Fred Astaire.
2.Bandanas - Tupac Shakur.
3.White Gloves - Mickey Mouse.
4.One White Glove - Michael Jackson. 
5.Jesus Sandals - Christ. 
6.Fedora Hats/Pinstripe Suits/Two Tone Brogues - Alphonse Capone!

It could be argued that the second hand furniture dealer, Al Capone's fancy up, merely reflected the prohibition period in which he lived. However the Caporegime's style must have been elevated as his smooth Chicago outfits earned him the nickname, "Snorky" among his associates alike. Simultaneously, it earned him the title "Public Enemy Number One" over at the FBI. Such is life, you can't win them all.

The question is, would we have known about the sartorial Capone if he hadn't been the "legitimate" business man that he was? 


  1. A.C the O.G. I fucking love this write up!

  2. Have you been watching Boardwalk Empire? Capone is dressed nicely but it is Chalky that steals the show for me.

    Loved the post.


  3. lot's to think about!

  4. It's interesting to think more seriously about fashion from time to time - I feel there is a lot there to contemplate - often critically!

  5. what an interesting thought! I think personal style can be iconic, a certain look associated with a certain person, a lady who used to travel the bus who wore a turban and gloves, I think of her when I think of a turban (she was fabulous) x x

  6. this look has me dreaming of being in prague again... and yes, style is a strange but wonderful thing!

  7. This is a great look! I think it stands the test of time because of the classic pieces -- the fedora, trench coat, and the booties. I also like that it's in black and white!
    Sincerely, Sara

  8. WOW! Amazing!