Monday, February 24, 2014

Miss Dior

Illustration By Ellinor Forje

It's that time of the month again when a girl needs to stock up on her beauty essentials. In layman's terms, I've ran out of eyeliner and mascara. Before the enlightenment some years ago I would to go through the strenuous exercise of choosing what liner to use, what to use on my lids and what to use on my lashes, usually settling on LancĂ´me, Chanel and YSL - not necessarily in that respective order - to achieve shadows, depth and what have you.

Then, in New York, circa 2006 or 2007 while shopping over at the beauty section at Macy's, I felt a gentle tap on my shoulder and heard a male voice say, "I'd love to do your makeup". Startled, I turned around and saw a vision which prompted me to ask, "Oh my God, are those real?".

"Honey, you can pluck and tug at them all you want. They're not coming off. These are real!" He answered, and pointed at his eyelashes. This was followed by a gesture offering me to have a seat, and the words, "Let me show you how it's done".

The sound of swoosh, swoosh, swoosh from the manoeuvrings of two different CD brushes and types of black mascara accompanied by the application of blue eyeshadow and matching pencil, was what I recorded before my transformation was complete.

"I love it," I said and continued, "Where did you learn how to do that?".

"Dior School." He replied.

"When was that? Where was that? And how do I enroll?".


  1. 'Dior Show' I pressume?

  2. Nice post!

  3. Okay, so now I want to paint my lips blue.

  4. Ohh, such a great post again! :) Have an amazing day!! :D