Monday, May 12, 2014

The Tramp

Illustration By Ellinor Forje

You know, I've finally figured out what it is I like about this outfit so much. I'm beating myself over for not having realized it sooner, when it's simple. She looks like Charlie. The lady is a tramp.

Sure, the look, it's been done before. But have we ever seen it this complete other than in an editorial spread, let's say, when he trick is to give the impression that you have no permanent address (and live in another era) yet still appear well put together?

Like I mentioned, the pauper appearance has been perfected several times, before my magic moment; notably by the Olsen twins, Brad Pitt, Keanu Reeves, Kate Moss, Helena Bonham Carter (she took the lewk and ran with it), Johnny Depp (he took the lewk and ran with it) and then there's Benicio Del Toro. Luh ya papi. The scruffy cut I can deal with. But the trucker cap? What's going on? Inquiring minds would like to know.

Back to Chaplin, if you'd allow me share my infatuation for two minutes. Anytime a person defies authority for the greater good of humanity, that person is alright in my book (Lucky Luciano is also alright in my book, same story different reason - I won't be judged). And if said person is able to express their defiance with eloquence, I'm dead.

"City Lights", "The Great Dictator", "The Kid", "The Gold Rush" and "Modern Times" are just a few examples of the brilliant legacy of the actor, producer, composer, director and mime. I also recommend "Chaplin" (1992), starring Robert Downey Jr  in company of half of Hollwood, that is truthful to Sir Spencer's life as it's known. Good movie with ethos, pathos and logos along with a moment where Charlie channels Nijinsky.

And lots of retro fashion, too, of course.

Which in the last place, lest I forget, note to self: Add "Bowler Hat" hyphen Charlie Chaplin hyphen Alexander DeLarge to my list of icons.

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