Friday, September 12, 2014

The Fall Of Edith & Ella

Photographed  By Ellinor Forje

Let's keep it real. The reason why I hardly ever buy anything in store from Edith and Ella...Okay, I never buy anything from Edith and Ella in their flagship-, or in any other store for that matter. Reason being; when you order apparel from them online, the shipment comes with perks. I counted 12 pieces of beautifully wrappedtoffee caramel candy the last time I made a purchase online. And because my last order was split in two due to a backorder (which would make a normal person damn the day), I got additional bonbons when my dress finally arrived.

Sure, there's candy in their shop, too. But you look kinda greedy dipping your hand into a bowl and grabbing more than one sweet at a time. If you have shame, that is. It turns out however that my genius, if you will, has backfired on me. Last week when I went around Edith and Ella for a one-on-one viewing of the fall collection, ahead of their departure to the Capsule Show in New York, I discovered that not only do they have toffee caramels, the also have licorce! I was like, "Shut the front the door, you guys have been hiding this!" I'm forced to change my strategy now. Alas, I'm cursed with a sweeth tooth, you see.

Back to the clothes.

With African inspired prints, plateau heeled booties, emerald green blouses and purple sweaters with illustrated cat eyes and whiskers: The collection isn't for the faint hearted. However, as store manager Iben puts it, "If you're brave and open minded you see the different ways they can be combined, there are endless possibilities."

The notion of "endless possibilities" is something that seeps through the SS15 collection as well. Although it's less "Little House on the Prairie" and more Park Avenue, with a dash of the "Party Rock Anthem" in between. 


  1. i really like the prints! would love to see more pics! xx