Monday, January 5, 2015

Candidly Nicole

Screenshot Of Nicole Richie's IG 

Yo! What's black and rhymes with Dr. Dre?

Snoop Dogg!

I wish I could claim that joke. But it's all Nicole Riche and her Larry David-esque sense of humour in the AOL webseries, and VH1 TV show entitled, "Candidly Nicole". The 20 minutes VHI1 listing is based on the AOL programme's five minute clips which is in turn based on Richie's Twitter feed. A bit confusing, I know. Thusly, I provided the links to clear that right up.

"Candidly Nicole" is a minutiae of daily life shot in a cinéma variété type style, with featuring guest appearances by the freshly minted model and junior sister, Sofia Richie, botanical expert Lionel Richie - hey daddy! and founder and creative director Katherine Power of  "Who What Wear" and "The Coveteur", among other familiar and less familiar faces. It's not a reality show, except it's not "scripted" either.

 And although married with kids now, it's still the same playful Nicole from back in the dizzay when she was chillin like a villain with Paris Hilton on "The Simple Life".

I highly recommend watching all the episodes in one sitting to get the full experience. Next season comes out in the summer. I suggest the same back-to-back procedure after the airing of the season finale.

That's how I roll. You hear that "Mad Men"? 

Am I supposed to wait for three consecutive years to find out about the life and labour of a hobbit in Middle-Earth?

Girl. No.