Tuesday, February 17, 2015

These Hose Ain't Loyal

Illustration By Teya Bozhilova

Dilemma. I've started wearing pantyhose or stockings after something of a spring and summer induced hiatus. Problem, I can't keep these hose from ripping. Don't have a memory of this happening before. I use a mix of both high-end and budget brands. Quality isn't the issue. Neither are my ragged edge free nails.

What to do? Should I take the hose out the package, moisten and freeze them? Spray them with aerosol hairspray? Or does it come down to the content of lycra perhaps?

Any tips and, wait for it...tricks are appreciated. Keep 'em coming. These hose need to work for me.             

1 comment:

  1. The subtle innuendos:) If you're presently where it's extremly cold, dry and flaked skin may be the cause. In that case butter up! A good moisturizer is your friend.