Monday, May 11, 2015

About Miss Daisy

Illustration By Daisy De Villeneuve

Daisy de Villeneuve’s latest illustrated book “I Should Have Said” is a witty reflection on 20/20 hindsight vision, and the times she should have spoken out par rapport à her friends and relationships but didn’t.

Born into an aesthetically pleasing family; her father a business man and once manager of 60's icon Twiggy, and her mother, a successful model of the same era, De Villeneuve and her sister, photographer and director Poppy, would spend their time crafting growing up. “I have been drawing in felt tip pens since the age of three. I think that my style of drawing has evolved over the years. At the start it was rawer, scratchy and now I feel it is more smooth and graphic,” says De Villeneuve.

Her faux-naïf approach has led to collaborations with Zac Posen, Topshop, Moët & Chandon to mention only a few. And when asked whether she’d contemplate adapting her books for the screen, she replied “Yes, this would be a fantastic idea! I'm also interested in animation, too.”

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