Wednesday, March 29, 2017

"I Like Colours. I Also Like Black And White A Lot. It's Really All About How I'm Feeling," Said Christian JaLon

Photo Courtesy Of Christian JaLon

"I was born and raised in Chicago, IL. In the Auburn Gresham neighborhood, on 76th and Hermitage. The best thing about Chicago to me is the history. The culture. The way we go about certain things. I currently reside in Freeport, IL. No, I have not always lived here.

My aspirations (growing up) were and still remain to cause a ripple in the world. But, I'll also be content if I all I ever touch with my work is one spirit. I would say the most seminal experience in my life had to be when my parents, who are Christian, gave me the space to question my faith. They allowed me to ask questions and sort of explore different spaces. To curate my own understanding of a thing, I suppose. I didn't choose music. And I wouldn't necessarily say that music chose me. But, God ordained it. The Bible talks a lot about the things God ordains in our life, and I definitely feel as though music and I were paired. Match made in heaven, if I must. Also, my mommy is a singer and I've been singing in church since I was seven. I don't think I'd ever classify my sound as one thing. I will say though I've got a lot of soul. There is no one theme that I choose in my song lyrics. Although, I'm always sure to speak of my faith and expound upon being hopeful. There are a few songs that actually does my spirit well. One being 'Moonlight Sonata' by Beethoven. But, as of late, it's been 'Prayer' by D'Angelo.

I started writing poetry in fifth grade. My English teacher, Ms. Scott, always started the class off with the students writing a poem or even just our thoughts in a composition notebook. I started photography when I was about 13, 14. My grandfather was a photographer in war in the 60s. My Uncle Joel is a French photographer. And my father likes to dabble with the camera, as well. So, it's just something that's always been in my face.

I don't really have a creative process. I've learned that we cannot force art. Art is what art wants to be when it wants to be. We are only the vessel. God inspires me, and each of my soulmates (friends) inspire me. As well as every single person who supports my craft. They all inspire me.

Every day is a day off for me. Like, I don't really dedicate days to 'working'. Especially considering my craft isn't work to me. Everything just happens when it does. But, on any given day, I'm taking care of myself. Drinking tea, meditation, prayer. I unwind by praying and meditating. By taking time to think of things that I may not have had enough time or space to think of before."

- As told to MBF,
March, 28 2017.

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