Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Txlips Turned Up

Photo Courtesy Of The Txlips Band

Gabriella: The group was initially brought together in February of 2016. I was working with prominent rapper Diamond, former Crime Mob rap groups member. I was initially contacted by Diamond’s management to play in a music video for her and to continue doing work for her. I immediately called Monique Williams (Txlips' drummer) to come be in the first music video with me. After, I saw an opportunity to continue working with Diamond by forming and managing the band GurlCode for her. After that I saw the need to create The Txlips (initially written 2 Lips) because I saw a lack of representation for women in the music industry especially the rock n roll realm of music. From there, I blossomed and grew the group into what we are today and where we will continue to go.

Gabriella: Our primary location is Atlanta. But we travel often and work in many other states and locations and hopefully out of the country!

Gabriella: For me, my interest in music started when I was about eight or nine years old. I was writing my own music and I wanted to express the music I was hearing to the world. My mom bought me a guitar and it took off from there. I played multiple instruments and that’s is how the love began.

JWhales: My interests began watching my father and his sisters play instruments. They would step away and I'd tinker. Over time I started band in elementary school and continued from there.

Mo Williams: Though I don’t come from a musically talented family, I’ve always been around music. Growing up in Chicago, I met people from different cultures, experienced different foods and had the pleasure of being around tons of musical talent. Id say my mother really kept the musical diversity cloak around me my entire life. Shed take me to ballets, symphonies, she and dad would stop and watch street musicians with me as I would try to imitate the sounds Id hear, and we were glued to PBS always watching musicals, symphony orchestras, plays, etc. I would always look for the percussion section because they were always doing the most and engaged everyone with their bombastic accents and musical animations. I knew in those moments I was in love with music.

Sarina Ivory: My interest in music started when I was very young. Everyone in my family listened to a wide range of genres so I grew up listening to a lot of different types of music that inspired me to start playing.

Gabriella: I would classify our sound as unique, powerful, and rock n roll with some black girl magic. We are multi-dimensional but we have such an edge and heavy feeling to our music. It's also very relatable and connects with people and brings out the best in them.

Gabriella: I would say my family and experiences I have had in my life. Every time I go through a feeling or a situation I write about it. That is how our current singles came to life. I experienced something and it influenced me to write music to express myself and to relate to others. Aside from that, music that influences me are the sounds of great artist and musicians such as Prince, Michael Jackson, Orianthi, Steve Vai, etc.

JWhales: Musically? Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson, Prince, Pharrell, Timbaland, Missy Elliott, Diane Warren, Janet Jackson, Will I Am, The Beatles, David Bowie, Bruno Mars, James Fauntleroy and the Kanye West. I love eclecticism and each bring nuanced sounds to their genres. They all understand how to allow a song to breathe. Though their songs have many sonic elements. Each layer feels necessary without feeling cluttered. Beautiful, moving music! Personally? TD Jakes, Ted-Talks and podcasts. I feed this crazy belief that I'm going to be the greatest me the world has ever seen.

Mo Williams: My greatest influence would be my parents and my Grandfather aka "POPS". Everything I’ve ever showed a passion for, they all nurtured it. From sports to cooking, to music. My mother would put up with me keeping up a racket in the basement, my dad taking me to drum lessons with world famous percussionist Phil Stanger, and my grandfather, when it was time for me to upgrade to a "big girl" drum set and my teenage jobless self couldn’t afford to buy a new drum set, he blessed me with the funds to get one. He looked at me as tears filled my eyes and said, "Go get your dream"...

Sarina Ivory: Girls Rock Camp ATL has definitely had the biggest influence on me. I attended the camp for the first time when I was 15. It not only made me a better musician but it also gave me the confidence to start my own band and start playing shows.

Gabriella: I serve as the Band Manager and we try to work together for other arenas of labour for the band.

Gabriella: I pray before shows and trave,l while I'm ensuring my outfit, makeup, and equipment are all ready to go. I try to not place a lot of emphasis on doing too much in getting stage ready because that can bring nerves the more you begin to think about it. As a front person for the band, it is necessary to put on a good performance and communicate with the crowd at all times so I try to not focus too much on things that will make me nervous.

JWhales: I like to prepare well beforehand so what I need the day of show can speak to me -- from my outfits to the way I play. I'm so zen that I can walk around the room and talk to people up until it's time to perform. Feeling the audience from the floor helps me return the energy from the stage.

Mo Williams: I can’t say I have a ritual or anything. I don’t wear makeup because I sweat profusely when I’m going bananas on the drums and the last thing I need is for foundation to run down my face or an eyelash to fall off and on my cheek. My style is all over. I may rock a hat of some sort with a graphic tee some jeans and boots or hair out or in plaits, super knee high gym gym or funky graphic socks, chucks, crazy suspenders and a bowtie...Its however I’m feeling. Before I go on stage, I like to put headphones on, seclude myself and run through our set. Sticks in hand and I airplay or just run through rudiments to keep my wrists loose and warm. I try not to eat anything right before the show and only drink water because I’m about to quickly sweat my soul out.

Sarina Ivory: I'm pretty easy going when it comes to getting stage ready. I make sure my curls are poppin' put a little eyeliner and mascara on get a good pair of black jeans or high waisted shorts with some combat boots and I'm ready to go.

Gabriella: It can sometimes be overwhelming between a full time job, law school, regular responsibilities, being a member of the band and managing the band is a full time job in and of itself. I am a very organized person so I do make sure I keep things organized to prevent confusion. I make sure I work out everyday and I practice yoga and healthy eating to balance all I have on my plate but I know that with my drive and work ethic and passion overall, I am capable of managing my career and other obligations.

JWhales: Spreading out the workload. A little prep a day keeps the stress away.

Mo Williams: I’m a banker so I always have to stay sharp. Sleep means the absolute world to me. Its like the best thing since cheese came in slices espically for a drummer. Late night rehearsals or shows that run late (majority of the time) I try to hurry home in hopes to sleep real hard for me to get up and handle peoples finances. Its wild but I make it work. Staying organized and having structure is important to me next to breathing. If I didn’t organize I’d be a wreck.

Sarina Ivory: With a day planner and very little sleep.

Gabriella: Music, coffee, traveling, I enjoy good food and spending time with those I love and care about.

JWhales: Studio sessions, writing, surfing the web (the internet is an amazing place), world travel, food and trying to take over the world *evil voice laugh*.

Mo Williams: I love to cook, clean (OCD neat freak), hang out with friends and family, hang with the band when I can find time to be free (almost never) go to the park, kick it with my dog Busta, volunteer and spend time with my fraternity Sigma Omega Phi Fraternity, Inc. Which has become the first LGBT collegiate greek organization in the U.S. Just live, vibe with nature, learn new artsy things and indulge in Netflix heaven.

Sarina Ivory: When I'm not on stage I'm usually hanging out with friends and family.

Gabriella: I return to center through prayer, staying calm, talking through my problems, yoga, working out and so forth. I'm very into natural remedies and nature so I spend a lot of time connecting with myself through my mind when I am in my own space.

JWhales: There is no center; every day is like a changing tide. Just ride the wave and come back to the surface to try again if you go under. Or just sage the hell out of your life.

Mo Williams: I pray and I just sit alone and analyze everything. Hit a basketball court and just shoot for a while...soak in the tub with Netflix lol or.....pick up some sticks and let my heart and hands make beautiful music together. Sarina Ivory: I love putting on Netflix YouTube or Hulu and watching my favorite tv shows, movies...

Gabriella Logan - Lead Guitarist and Vocalist
Mo Williams - Drums
Sarina Ivory - Bass
JWhales - Keys

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