Thursday, August 17, 2017

Heloísa Muniz, The Brazilian Model With The Cool Back To School Style

Photo Courtesy Of Heloísa Muniz

Heloísa Muniz is in Portugal right now, and has been there for four months. But she’s from Brazil. Born and raised in São Paulo. The city where she normally resides. Despite her frequent travel, she doesn’t have a favourite spot in the world, “My favorite place is to be close to the people I love, regardless of the place. They make it the best place,” she explains. Growing up, Muniz always dreamed of graduating as a dancer. And dance in the dance companies around the world.

Muniz's fondest childhood memories are her dance performances that happened at the end of the year, “I loved the cold feeling in the belly behind the stage before each performance,” she says. However, Muniz didn’t become a dancer, she became a model. She took a fancy to the industry because it changed something in her. It helped her accept who she was and overcome her low self-esteem. Today she views it as empowerment, “To look at a photograph and find myself beautiful. Through modeling I won. I overcame prejudice, I overcame the shame I had of me.”

Muniz, who is currently signed to V Management, New York, still remembers her first ever shoot. It had been less than two weeks since she had gotten an agency when she was called to do an editorial for “Elle” with photographer Bob Wolferson. Now, her wish is to grow professionally and internationally and acquiring experiences to conquer her ambitions, hopes and dreams in the future. Hailed for her eclectic yet seemingly effortless style, Heloísa Muniz finds it difficult to describe herself, ”It´s difficult. My personal style is connected to my lifestyle. I have no rule. I dress the way I feel good and comfortable.” Other than her personal visual expression, Muniz is in love with art. She dances, still. She was a classical dancer for nine years. Today she dances as a hobby. Contemporary dance, Afro-Brazilian, and always returning to the samba she would dance at the carnivals of São Paulo when she was little

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