Thursday, October 19, 2017

Why Kasia Skórzyńska Started Poland's Most Coveted Label, Kaaskas

Photo Courtesy Of  Kaaskas

"Right now I’m in my apartment in the Mokotów district in Warsaw - my favourite area. I just moved back after living in the center of the city for two years. Before that I lived here for five years. I’m so happy to be back!

I was born in Warsaw, Poland and raised mostly here. I spent four years in Brazil as a child. My mother is a diplomat and we moved there when she was appointed ambassador. It’s relatively cozy, not too big, but has a great vibe and lots of cultural things happen here. And it’s super green in the summer.Growing up I wanted to become an archeologist. Then I was introduced to Sebastian Salgado photographs and everything changed. I dreamed of becoming a photographer for years. I still do sometimes.

A year spent in Lisbon on a free-mover program in the Art Academy there. That’s where I discovered that I will somehow definitely bind my life with art and the fashion design idea started to get more real in my head. Also it was a year of new friendships, journeys and a lot of happiness everyday. The best year of my life really. 

Why designer? It's a good question. I guess it’s a combination of the creative needs I have and the direct relation to day-to-day life - creating something beautiful that is useful for someone is the ultimate satisfaction for me. I graduated the fashion department of Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts.

I believe you can really find inspiration in everything, depending what mood and state you are in. For me, most of the time travels and exhibitions are the moments where some ideas click in my head. Also just observing people around me, the way they dress, move and live their life.

What moment I'm I having?  A weird one. I spend quite a lot of time alone and think about how unpredictable life is. But it’s good, it’s like a self-discovery moment. Everyone should have these from time to time! Maybe it’s because I’m turning 30 this year and have the need to do some kind of a summary. Also I try to cut off social media as much as I can and clear my head from the noise it brings.

The term I feel suits my aesthetic well is “playful minimalism”. I think it definitely translates into colours, shapes and textures I use not only in fashion but in building my life in general - in the interiors, objects, smells and tastes I surround myself with. And also just the way I try to live. I really don’t need much to feel good and at ease, but I like to see beauty and joy in small things and actions - in the details of life. I think it translates pretty directly and that I’m quite consistent in that way.

I like to keep a balance between work and pleasure. I love spending time with family and friends, my dog or just myself! I have absolutely no problem spending a day on reading books, watching movies or spending time in the nature. I can’t say I’m a person that lives under constant mental work pressure and I’m happy with that. I try to treat work as one part of life, but the other one’s are just as important to me.

To unwind, I go to my dance or ceramics class or just for a long walk with my dog which is like a meditation session."

- As told to MBF
 October 19, 2017

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