Thursday, June 7, 2018

What's The Story Behind It?

Image Courtesy Of Elizabeth Colomba 

Elizabeth Colomba was approached by the Metropolitan Opera to participate in the Gallery Met Shorts, a program that invites artists to make short format films that relate to the operas of the current season which are later screened during the Met's HD simulcasts in theaters around the world. In the course of, Colomba was able to choose "Cendrillon".

"A modern interpretation of the Cinderella story with a black woman as the main character seemed timely with all the new interest in the royal family in the UK," says Colomba and adds, "However, the themes in my film are ones that I have been thinking about and exploring women's stories for some time."

Grace Bol, a New York-based, Sudanese-born top model turned thespian, elated the team when she agreed to play Cinderella to Colomba's Fairy Godmother.

Subjectively, "Cendrillon" is an interpretation of the fairy tale with the aesthetic Colomba explores in her work, or as she puts it, "I draw upon the relationship between time and womanhood." Though, looking to the future and this recent expression, Colomba isn't eyeing new film projects right now but she's definitely caught the bug.

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