Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Seduced And Abandoned

alec b3
Photographed By Ellinor Forje

I have this running theme with my cousin that if I ever ran into Alec Baldwin I'd do a full on skit from "30 Rock" as an homage and for his entertainment. It didn't happen, the skit, I mean. And I can't tell the joke here because it's not "PC". But I feel like hours and hours of practising in front of the mirror have now gone to pure waste.


  1. What a great photograph! Thank you again for stopping by my blog - I'm definitely following yours :)

    xo Georgina

  2. I think "30 rock" is one of the coolest shows out there. And Alec B is awesome.

  3. That's so neat! Thanks for your comment, I'm following! Love your blog!



  4. This is PUBLIC RECORD... how it did not make the papers more is beyond me. However, if I were Alec Baldwin I'd go into hiding so as not to aggravate someone (like a reporter or "Daily News" owner) into finding it and exposing it. I'm speaking of evidence and testimony from his Custody battle with Kim Bassinger. Alec Baldwin famously spent well over $1 million fighting for Custody only to then withdraw the Motion and settle. The settlement involved Kim having Full Custody of their daughter and living in California (Baldwin wanted to live in New York). Why did Baldwin cave in? Because Bassinger's team found SEVERAL women who offered testimony recounting physical abuse, including grabbing, shaking, shoving, and verbal abuse.

    Fast forward not too far in the future from the Custody case and you'll see plenty of incidents involving Baldwin shoving people. And we've all heard the tape of him verbally abusing his young daughter.

    It's likely that Baldwin's attorneys filed a motion to seal the Custody case. Because he's a celebrity and there was a child involved, it's possible the motion was granted. However, Custody cases are Civil matters. Anyone with access can go to the court house and read about it... including a reporter.

    Beyond all that, Alec Baldwin- while a talented actor- is an angry, spoiled, entitled child. He seems very intelligent. How does he miss that the common link in all these incidents is Alec Baldwin? It's not Rupert Murdoch and Colin Myler, or the evil paparazzi, or his nutty ex-wife.

    Frankly, Baldwin's a bully too. Ever notice how his temper tantrums and physical altercations are ALWAYS with individuals with whom he is much larger or can out-yell? Pardon me, but what a p*ssy.