Sunday, June 3, 2012

À Bout De Souffle

Photographed By Ellinor Forje

This is one of the Bernard Charoy's paintings from his collection "Les Pin-Ups Des Sixties". I wasn't previously familiar with the artist, and just happened to stumble on the exhibition in the window of the Geneviève Marty Galerie on an off day while taking a break from strolling along La Croisette in Cannes during the film festival. Please note that the word "strolling", in the previous sentence should be translated into "frantically running around trying to figure out what movie to watch".

The photographed painting above resonated with me in particular because I'd spent the early hours of the day searching for a strapless bra in my suitcase that I'd forgotten to pack. Wardrobe malfunctions, I wasn't planning on having any. But there's always that one outfit that you want and have planned to wear on that specific day. No alternative would do. Because your mind has already been made up, you refuse to accept that you're the idiot who left your bra at home. Instead you rummage through your suitcase over and over again thinking that your effort would somehow make whatever you are looking for magically appear. And since it's already been established that I believe in fairytales, I like to imagine that this is what I looked like in my cool, calm and collective state of not frantically stressing out at all while searching for a missing piece of lingerie in a box.


  1. absolutely adorable photo!!

  2. I have also done this many times! Because I plan outfits in my head and travel a lot I inevitably end up frantically searching for one thing.