Monday, October 4, 2010

Gate 38

Photographed By: Elvira Gligoric
Make-up: Gabriella Mattson
Styled By: Ellinor Forje
Modell: G.S
Clothes By: My Wardrobe

"I've had some of my best conversations with strangers, she said, because they have no idea who they're dealing with."

Gate 38, is an art gallery located in the central part of Malmö, Sweden (just a stone's throw away from the Danish capital). And the artwork decorating the walls of its interior space, is as colourful as its owner, Monika Österheim.

Österheim likes meeting new people, "Everything is about encounters" she said. That is why she likes travelling. A few years ago, on of her journeys to the U.S., she came across an exhibition showcasing StoryPeople, and decided then that she had to meet its creator. The rest is art history. Today she has distribution rights to their products in Sweden. And about a week ago, the man behind the brand, the business partner of four years, Brian Andreas made a visit to the gallery, in lieu of the city's Culture's Night.

Gate 38 , is named after the street number its gate, or grind in Swedish, is located on. The gallery hosts 5-6 different exhibitions a year, along with other special events. The work by StoryPeople is always on display.

Another artisan, who also has a steady exposition at the gallery, is photographer Jan Olofsson. Olofsson's 43-year-long career in England is reflected in the images he's taken of some of the biggest personalities in music history. He recently collaborated with designer Soheil Norozi of L'ecole National to make his art, wearable.

Wearable art, is an art form highly appreciated by Österheim. "I'm a runway freak" she said, and further elaborated that she obsessively watches the Internet to catch the latest news in the world of haute couture. Karl Lagerfeld is ingenious and energetic." said Österheim. And she's as passionate about music as she is clothes. She frequently listens to old school Soul, Blues and Rock music; as well contemporary music. "New things spark my curiousity" said the gallery owner, and added, "Life has so much to offer".


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