Saturday, April 9, 2011

Everything I Miss At Home

Photographed By Paulina and Emilia Wiberg

These are finally the photos of the interior of the Meloa store in Lund, Sweden. Or more precisely, photos of what the interior looked like last spring. Meloa, is family owned, and run by Emilia, Susanne, Paulina and Matilda Wiberg. "Owning a clothing shop together is something that we've always wanted to do," said Emilia Wiberg, and explained that they took the steps to fulfill their dream after their mum decided to quit her job a few years ago to go into business with her daughters.

Their grandfather chipped in with some of his vintage furniture, as well. And once in a while, their dad contributes with luxury chocolate assorments (my favourites) and assorted nuts (those too), from his company.

The name Meloa, is a modified version of Katie Melua's last name. "We found it hard to think of a suitable name...and we listened to a lot of music during this period" said Pauline Wiberg. So to cut a long story short, Katie - her music, basically served as an inspiration for the perfect name.

The sisters often vacation together. And they find inspiration for their boutique from visiting different cities, countries and cultures. And by shopping in other people's shops, like their friend's lifestyle store - Hemma Hos Emla, located just a stone throw away from Meloa in Lund.

In future, the Wibergs, hope to expand their little store, (or stores actually, as there is also a branch of Meloa in Malmö, along with a freshly minted webshop) into what they now jokingly call "Meloaland". A landscape of shops, with the identical concept of kitschy colours, cozy atmosphere and romantic theme.

And to think that I came this close to calling this blog entry "Needful Things" after Stephen King's novel. This close. I decided against it though, due to the horror inclination. In·cli·na·tion, lexicon! Fancy. Well, you can't blame a girl for trying, can you?

But I still can't shake it, that feeling of mystery. Meloa, is (just like in the novel) a charming little store that, "always seems to have an item in stock that is perfectly suited to any customer who comes through its door." And isn't that a little spooky, even to you?


  1. Maybe I should come visit when I make it to the other side of the world? Your friends have good taste!

    I just bought a new Canon G12 which I'm hoping will inspire me to shoot more stuff more often. I'll put up some test shots soon.

  2. Love it all, the colors, the pretty hangers, this blog...


  3. What a beautiful store, the hangers the floral boxes and the wonderfully eclectic mix of clothes

  4. I love all the colours in this store, especially the pink. I don't get there horror element. But I do agree that shop seems a bit mysterious. It pulls you in. I want to shop there, like right now!

  5. I love everything in this store! The vintage furniture details, the colors... it's beautiful! In response to your post on my blog about the pictures, thank you! (I use a Canon Rebel Ti1).

  6. Love all the clothes...and the shabby chic!
    Thanks for stopping in on my blog...
    Best to you:)

  7. Love these photos. The store looks amazing, like it would be so much fun to spend time looking through the racks.

  8. nice photos! Thanks you for the lovely comment!!

    kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

  9. Really sweet blog, love this post as it's how I'm feeling right now - studying abroad is fun, but you miss having the rest of your wardrobe and your room and little trinkets.

  10. i love interiors im 14 and already know what the inside of my house is gonna look like ..

  11. i love all the pictures! looks like a nice cozy place to be in, i really like this, places and their interior can be super interesting too

    i think i'll visit their website soon <3

  12. Lovely pictures! I love sch girly rooms!


  13. wow, these are awesome! I wanna live there :)

  14. oh my god. i want to live in this store. those pearl hangers are the cutest! thanks for checking out my blog. yours is really great!

  15. Such a nice and cosy little store :)

  16. Awe, what a magical place! I'd love to visit it and go on a shopping spree :p.

    Hope you're having a great week! ;)


  17. This is such a chic boutique, I love it! I want to steal those hangers :)

  18. Great store, I love this post