Sunday, April 17, 2011

Papa's Got A Brand New Bag

Photo Courtesy Of JWF

Let's take a minute to address what's going on around the young man's collar. The sartorialist detail, it's exquisite, is it not? That said, this post is a preamble to the one below. The focus of interest: Men's clothing - how to wear if you're a girl. l'll be going all out with the pop culture references here, starting with "Sex and The City".

Do you guys remember the season three finale, titled "Cock A Doodle Do"? A link here, incase you forgot, or missed it. In this episode (spoiler alert), there's a scene where Carrie meets up with Mr Big for lunch in Central Park and later ends up falling into a pond after avoiding (upon prior advice from Miranda) a courteous kiss from her estranged lover. Carrie is wearing a powder pink Richard Tyler dress. Don't get me wrong the dress is cute and all. But compared to the outfit she ends up wearing after showering at Big's apartment to get the mishap out her hair, the dress might as well have slept with the fish because the white shirt paired with a black belt and heels, slays. All courtesy of Big.

Fashion aside, what I really enjoy about the episode is the play on our perceptions of gender roles. There are several hilarious scenes, some (major spoiler alert) including chicks with...hmm, how do I put this delicately? Allow me to rephrase: There are several hilarious scenes including T-girls. They're fabulous and funny. Although I have to interject that some of their ensembles deserve less than stellar reviews. If you guys want to bend it, why not take a cue from David Beckham?

Moving on from our sex addiction. The perk about men's fashion is that it's affordable to shop. All you need is a male relative or friend and you're basically set for life.

For instance, a few years ago, one of my friends used to rock these really cool shorts that she'd made from her ex-boyfriend's pair of jeans. To come to think of it, she didn't actually want to make a couture statement, she just wanted revenge. Bad example. I have another one. My mum once got my granddad a a grey sweatshirt for Christmas. It caught my eye so I penned down a heart-filled letter asking whether I could have it. And in a split second, it was mine. Then, I took to the scissors (I am terrible), and just like that, I had my very own oversized-Jennifer Beal-"Flashdance"-boat-necked-sweater, to go.

Wait, there's more. Every derby hat my dad's ever owned is now residing somewhere in my sister's closet in Paris. What's he gonna do about it, deny his daughter the right to be stylish?

He knows better.


  1. I'm currently working my way through the entire series (SATC) for about the millionth time. I like to watch the whole thing start to finish every so often. I love that episode!! I heard that they had to film a couple takes of her falling in the pond, and ruined more than one of that pink dress.

  2. Thank you so much!
    I love your blog :)
    Yess, I took them all by myself :)

  3. I like it when boys wear my shirts :)

  4. The dapper dandy is a cutie;)

  5. Thank you for the comment! It would be great if you could vote for one of the looks:)

  6. I really like this post!! True talk hehe


  7. I love the photo, it reminds me of something you'd see on The Sartorialist. And I just had to re-watch the SATC episode. The "ladies" outside Samantha's window crack me up everytime!

  8. ohh my gosh, carrie looks STELLAR in that outfit for sure. loove menswear for women!


  9. Menswear on women looks seriously chic.
    WAY better than it does on men!!

    Thanks for the comment this is a great blog =]
    Following you!

  10. p.s.- Love SJP in a tux in the second movie.

    esp. the tiara.

  11. Wow, you have a great blog. It's making me want to dress better. But so hard to choose what to wear. Fortunately, it's still very cold here in Boston, so I can actually wear EVERYTHING all at once. Wonderful photos and text.

  12. Wow, your blog is so well-written!
    The difference between "womanl-shopping" and "men-shopping" is so interesting! Women often end up having way too many pieces (which sometimes are hardly used) whereas guys goes for specific pieces when they shop. I've seen this up-close which I have to thank my brothers for. I also have to thank them for their generous lending of their clothes to me. Man, I love the wearing men-clothes!

  13. I’m definitely a fan of the masculine look and of the fashions and anything relating to Sex and the City!! I’ve watched nearly the entire series and can’t wait until I can say I’ve watching it all. Thankfully I work for DISH and just found out about DISH Online. Now I’ll be able to watch all the episodes on demand! I can’t wait to get started!

  14. i love this post :) that episode of SATC was brilliant too, that shirt was amazing!
    thanks for your comment :)