Saturday, October 8, 2011

Time Of The Season

Photographed By Isabel Nilsson
The photo above, and the one in the post below, are from the Yves Saint Laurent show held by CPH Vision, at the Copenhagen Central Station, in February. Of course, I missed it! Funny, I've written the word, "missed" so many times this year that I'm beginning to think its my middle name.

Luckily, mi amiga - photographer Isabel, was around to capture some of the golden moments for posterity, which I figured I'd share. Notice, how everyone seems to be wrapped up in deep conversation, or in some camera - fidgetting, with the exception of Saseline Sørensen (who always brings her A - game to the défilés by the way) and that other guy wearing the blue hat. Instead, they're staring right at you!


/Ellinor Missed Forje

(click on photo to enlarge)


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    You've made such a nice work with your blog!

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  2. Seemed like a great show!

  3. Copenhagen fashion week's always top all others in my opinion!

  4. Your friend IS lucky!! :) Good job with your blog!

  5. SO COOL!!
    love this shot

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  6. ahhh how do you miss it :'( thats so sad! at least you got a shot :)

  7. A nice capture ! you have a lovely blog :)