Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Doctor Livingstone, I Presume?

Photographed By Karen Burgos

This needs to be added, since you've already seen the black one. There are so many quirky details to Orla Kiely's latest collection. I don't know where to begin.

My best analogy: Lolita hooks up with Alice in Wonderland*, after a Girls Scout reunion, for an adventure in the Moonrise Kingdom, after they've taken a trip on the African Queen on an assignment for National Geographic. They run into Dr Livingston and Sir Henry Morton Stanley somewhere in the Serengeti following the event of Alice discovering what becomes known thereforth as the Victoria Falls**. They're cute and all (the guys). However, they (the girls) end up settling for beret-wearing men in Italy, Spain or France, for their love of hats - snagging ways. Years later, they (the guys!) decide that the berets look better on them. And better in pink***.

*     In my version Dolores Haze and Alice are both above 21.
**   History needs to be updated and rewritten.
*** My storytelling skills need some brushing up - but I try ;).


  1. love that pic! :)


  2. The story works for me. Love the outfits.

  3. best analagy EVAH. let's go with it.