Sunday, May 18, 2014

Baby Got Back?

Photographed By Ellinor Forje 

Here's where the blog takes a bizarre Sir Mix-A-Lot d├ętour. Actually, I should add "almost" in the previous sentence because I'm threading in the even more exciting territory of what is known as the Howard Stern Show.

The other day Danny Trejo was on and after the standard who-what-when-where questions, the subject of Trejo's torso tattoo, which displays a Mexican lady wearing a sombrero, comes up. The tat has an interesting genesis as it was designed and outlined by, Harry Ross, a fellow inmate while Trejo was incarcerated at San Quentin in the 1960's. A "turn of fate", to put it mildly, has Trejo transferred to Folsom with Ross by and large telling him before his departure, "Don't let anybody touch it. I'll be in Folsom, I'll be in Folsom!" as the tattoo is incomplete and his first ever made. About six months later, Ross gets kicked out of San Quentin and deported to Folsom where he remeets his buddy and nearly finishes the begun recreational pastime project. A prison riot later, the internees both find themselves on exile at Soledad penitentiary where they're finally able to conclude the masterpiece.

Side note, "Oz" got nothing on "Machete".

And this account of events relates to fashion how?

Well basically everybody and their Justin Believer has a tattoo these days (and be acting like they all from the school of the hard knocks). Thus, I'm wondering whether the ink's lost its significance or "it" factor - if one ever existed. Has it?


  1. It depends on the bearer. I think Justin is a silly boy.

  2. I do like her tattoos, but you are right and it does seem like everyone in the world has a tattoo. I think they are very cool when they have significant meaning to your life and are a part of who you are. Thanks so much for your words over at my blog yesterday and I wish you a good week ahead!
    xx Easy Outfits, by Pip

  3. I am not one for tattoos and I like smaller versions on others, I think its become more a trend statement than art like it used to be. It was great hearing your thoughts, have a splendid week ahead!

  4. Hi dear! As usual, another great post! the tattoo look amazing.

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