Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Love 'Em Or Leave 'Em

Photographed By Karen Burgos

I dub thee "The Dubious Shoe Trend". Dubious because, when viewed in isolation, some of these chunky sandals of rubber and velcro look like a pair of Birkenstocks on speed.

Speed. I'll tell ya.

Meanwhile on the street they tell a different story. Completely.

Besides, CĂ©line, Givenchy and Prada can't all be wrong, right?


  1. don't like em -_-

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  2. Adore 'em. They're festive to look at and would look good with a pair of jeans or an all black outfit. A bit of rubber never burned anybody:P

  3. I am not sure anything can't be successfully marketed today .
    To whit, I actually am growing fond of these!
    XX, Elle