Monday, April 23, 2018

There's Something About Mary

Photo Courtesy Of Mary Kolende

"Honestly, people ask me a lot what I do with my skin because I look younger than my age. I avoid inflammatory items as much as possible – meaning caffeine coming from plants other than green tea, alcohol, candy, and fast food. Animal products have lots of radicals and toxins, and cutting them out ever since I was little has definitely helped my skin and body.

As I am looking into more and more companies that are vegan and cruelty-free, I’m finding more and more natural and healing products that have been treating my skin well. In the morning, I love using a green tea peel (by Teami) for my face and a fruity body wash (by Shea Moisture) when I shower. For my hair I use a natural shampoo and conditioner (by The Original Sprout) and a great smelling hair mask containing blueberry, grape, and lavender (by eco Love). Then, I moisturize my face with a day cream (by Geneva Naturals) that has SPF (very important!). I also make sure I put sunscreen on my hands, arms, and cleavage and use an herbal body lotion (by Hempz) for my entire body.

I love using Too Faced make-up products because they feel natural and smell so good. (Chocolate…yum!) Throughout the day, I drink up to a gallon of water. Hydrating your body is so important to flush out toxins and keep your skin moisturized. In the evening, I use warm water and a make-up remover oil (by Foxbrim) to take off my make-up. Before I go to bed, I put a very moisturizing night cream (by Aya Natural) on."

- As told to MBF,
April, 23 2018

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