Wednesday, April 11, 2018

"The National Theatre Does Not Know If It Is A Spaceship Or A Pre-Medieval Castle"

Photographed By Pauline Forje

I found this excerpt in The Specator while skimming for reviews on "Network" (which I didn't get to see during its limited run wah wah wah), and found it absolutely hilarious yet true. Nevertheless, the quote doesn't take away anything from the magnificent structure and how it came to be.

As part of my longstanding love affair with London, I finally did a backstage tour of the National Theatre during my last visit. It was a flawless day to say the least, especially as among the tour participants was a couple who'd been around when the building was built in the 60s. They remembered the controversy regarding its faรงade and other happenings during the same period which they happily shared.

I additionally learned a lot about what goes into setting up a play and how important the outline of the theatre (of which there are several in the establishment) is in fostering the relationship with the audience. Breaking the fourth wall, who knew?

Along with perfectly being located in the Southbank, a cool area in and of itself, the National Theatre also harbours an exhibition space of past promotional posters, along with a plentiful of restaurants. One was doing a Pinocchio themed Afternoon Tea. Cute. But best of all is the Bookstore with its myriad of literature. We found a spot, sat down and binged on licorice fresh from Amsterdam. It was very Rory Gilmore-ish, before her eyes turned all vacant and Darth Vader that is.

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